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Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Prior to my current role, I focused on digital and social media campaigns that ran the gamut of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat). Roles included concepting, strategy development and execution. Have a look at some of the innovative social campaigns I've been involved with significantly.

M&M'S Color Commentary

In the wake of the 2013 "Super Bowl Blackout," every marketer approached the 2014 Big Game hoping for another big viral moment.

But M&M'S didn't want to wait for the lights to go out. It set out to make its own moments throughout the game. So for 2014's big game, while other brands were waiting for some unexpected moment to capitalize on, we presented M&M’S with a fun and colorful way to react to the action we KNEW was going to happen.

The power of visual influence was needed as we enlisted super Viner Jethro Ames to partner with the team. Using M&M’S Chocolate Candies as the players and fans, the team re-created every big play in minutes—including VO—and pushed the Vine videos out through multiple social channels. M&M’S provided the “color,” and Joe Montana provided the “commentary.”   

The real-time Vine strategy paid off, generating almost 75 million media impressions from 621 stories in outlets like AP, Yahoo, Mashable and ESPN. The brand also leveraged social influencers to score an additional 2.3 million potential social impressions and 1.3 million potential social reach with the brand's 24 Vines.

The campaign won Best Branded Vine Video at the Digiday Video Awards and was a finalist at the Shorty Awards, In2Sabres and Sabre Awards.


CLIENT    Mars Chocolate

AGENCY  Weber Shandwick

ROLE       Digital lead

YEAR       2014

M&M'S Crispy Product Seeding on Reddit

Reddit marketing is not easy. And often unwelcomed. But here’s how we did it successfully to spread product awareness and reward rabid fans on this top visited site.

Mars Chocolate enlisted our help to announce and tease the return of M&M’S Crispy Chocolate Candies in the U.S., where they were previously discontinued in 2005.

Our research found ongoing M&M’S Crispy discussions on Reddit dating back several years. The chatter was specifically happening on the Snack Exchange subreddit, a community of consumers around the globe looking to trade snacks (think of it as classified ads for goodies).

Having been discontinued for years in the U.S., M&M’S Crispy were highly requested from U.S. consumers seeking trades with international Redditors as the product had not been discontinued globally.

The opportunity we uncovered was a no-brainer: Swoop in and deliver M&M’S Crispy to these diehard fans and give them a first taste as a reward for their time, effort and loyalty over the years seeking out global trade partners.

And we did exactly that, to the delight of M&M'S Crispy seekers who quickly posted testimonials and images about being some of the first to exclusively receive the new product.

The campaign earned more than 250K impressions, visibility on front page of top subreddit /r/pics (7.3 MM subscribers at the time) and 244K total photo views.

We’re proud of the innovative outreach and results, but more importantly our approach was validated by the Reddit community:


CLIENT    Mars Chocolate

AGENCY  Weber Shandwick

ROLE       Social media strategist

YEAR       2014